Unlimited has generated impressive results with 360° marketing campaigns for a variety of clients and industries. The work shown in this section is a sample of the many brands that we've developed from conception.


The Club at the exclusive Bay Harbor Islands needed to create a brand that could compete in the highly competitive Miami real estate market. Through the creation of a brand that connected directly with the upscale Latin American audience with impeccable concept, design and execution, along a very successful international campaign, quickly sold 50% of their units and now it's almost sold out.

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The Crimson, waterfront residences in Edgewater - Miami’s new real estate hotspot - had a good product and a great location, but needed to hire a local marketing agency specialized in Real Estate to drastically change the perception of their brand. Unlimited worked on a major rebranding process and created a new marketing campaign, repositioning them from a standard rental property to a luxury boutique condominium.

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As an independent family resort based on a previous flag hotel brand in the ultra competitive Orlando market, Flamingo needed a marketing agency that could help them differentiate their offer and grow. Through an exhaust identity system that went from their name to their building's facade identity and signage, as well as all their printed and digital platform communications, Unlimited transformed a bland flag hotel structure in an adventurous independent water park & resort.

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Leading Realty and Property Management Company in the booming Panama market, hired Unlimited to reposition the brand as a boutique investment consultant that could also buy, sell and manage high-end real estate. Keeping the logo but creating a whole new brand system, improving all their communications and opening a boutique retail office in the iconic Trump Ocean Club - among other strategies - PPR is solidifying their position and growing their market share.

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The world's leading advocate of fire prevention hired Unlimited back in 2005 for a market research in the Latin America region. Since then we have created, programmed and managed all of their online communications along 4 websites, especially focusing on their main communication channel in the region which is their bilingual spanish and portuguese magazine Journal Latino.

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Architectural firm based in New York. Client since 2005, hired Unlimited initially for 3D Renderings and ended up trusting us all of their marketing efforts, including their website and their recent 40 year anniversary campaign, as well as continued to trust us most of their 3D renderings and animations for the last 7 years.


Classic Art Deco Hotel in South Beach. Constructed in 1939 and relaunched in 2009 with new management that hired Unlimited for the rebranding. We created an entirely new product and revamped the brand, from new identity to online promotions targeting new markets that grew occupation rate way over industry levels.


Fragrance manufacturer that needed to move up from the dollar store distribution channel and called Unlimited for help back in 2004. In 6 months we created a premium brand based on a completely new product line of fragrances, incenses and lamps, including a packaging and display exhibition strategy that was quickly introduced in nationwide retailers such us Wallgreens and Duane Reade.

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Multi-sensory children's activity center established in the heart of the upcoming Wynwood District. For creating this unique concept Play-in hired Unlimited in 2010. Starting with a market research, we developed their brand and coordinated all their communications from logo to launching event.


Premium Body Shop base in Miami hired Unlimited for their startup back in 2007. From logo to launching event, we coordinated all their communications. The client was quickly perceived as a high end service provider among insurance companies, car dealers and consumers and has enjoyed that positioning ever since.